BIOKINETIX is passionate about serving others. If you share in our passion and are committed to developing exemplary client relationships, a career at BIOKINETIX may be right for you. Our health-focused, non-patient driven methodologies and entrepreneurial spirit are what make BIOKINETIX successful. We want you to achieve that same success. A BIOKINETIX career provides a means for each employee to make significant contributions and reach the highest levels of achievement. We welcome you to submit your resume and review job opportunities with BIOKINETIX.


Serving others to achieve a healthy, injury-free life is the goal at BIOKINETIX. We are provide a health-focused, innovative culture committed to providing the best injury prevention techniques in the industry. BIOKINETIX strives to constantly improve the service to our customers in its commitment to professionalism. We maintain a team-based culture with participation on all levels; actively seeking opinions and suggestions from employees. BIOKINETIX’s strong culture motivates its employees to seek solutions in daily task management and our strategic goal is to always serve the client. BIOKINETIX employees are responsive to organizational values, highly motivated and extremely loyal. Our staff is comprised of caring professionals dedicated to providing safety awareness to every industry. BIOKINETIX provides all its employees with an opportunity for individual growth and potential.

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