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BIOKINETIX speaks the language of your industry.

BIOKINETIX’s industry-specific solutions examine the work performed, the environment in which it’s performed and what tools , machinery or equipment is used. Then, BIOKINETIX prevention specialists develop a program that …
  1. uses science-derived best-practices to properly prepare employees’ bodies for the work they perform for your business
  2. addresses all at-risk behaviors and situations
  3. provides organizations with a healthier, safer, more informed workplace culture necessary to reduce injuries and prevent loss of profitability and sustain these results long-term.


Industry Solutions


By getting in the trenches and scaling utility poles, BIOKINETIX was able to help major utilities reduce workplace injuries. By learning more about the tasks utility workers perform, BIOKINETIX was able to create a job-specific program to that reduced injuries and increased employee wellness.


BIOKINETIX studied the work routines of logistic workers and found many possibilities for repetitive stress injuries. BIOKINETIX then developed a comprehensive solution that was specific to this type of potential injury.


The physical demands and rate of work-related injuries in the healthcare sector can be profound. By observing how healthcare workers use their body to perform tasks, BIOKINETIX was able to develop injury prevention programs specific to what these types of employees do.


Repetitive motions and physically demanding work is often found in the manufacturing industry. BIOKINETIX has studied these movements and motions, and has developed task-specific programs and methodologies to overcome the unique and repetitive demands found in this industry.

Food and Beverage

Employees of the food and beverage industry spend a lot of time on their feet and perform many repetitive tasks. BIOKINETIX has developed highly successful programs addressing these needs by studying those tasks and providing solutions to avoid injuries while performing them.


BIOKINETIX observed the many at-risk movements and motions in the hospitality industry. From carrying heavy items to food preparation, there’s a huge potential for work-related injuries. However, BIOKINETIX has solutions to prevent those injuries and help hospitality employees live more healthy, injury-free lives.


Working with aircraft manufacturing and maintenance personnel, BIOKINETIX is making the skies safer. By helping these highly skilled employees with warm-up programs, not only are they healthy and injury free, their minds are stimulated making them more alert.






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easter seals testmonials
The outcome far exceeded our goal of decreasing injuries by 10%. Easter Seals is very pleased with the results of BIOKINETIX Programs.

Barbara Zawacki - Chief Operating Officer, Easter Seals

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