Company Timeline of Injury Prevention Programs

Injury Prevention Programs – Major Milestones

Protecting employee well-being through prevention and innovation

July 2016
With the ongoing success of its programs, BIOKINETIX continues national expansion of injury prevention programs at UPS, bringing the 3-Minute Warm-Up and On-site Medical services to new facilities in New York.
May 2016
BIOKINETIX adds ACH Food Companies as new client, providing a series of programs that include at-risk behavior intervention, injury prevention and education that covers workplace safety and well-being.
April 2016
BIOKINETIX adds US Foods (USFD), a Fortune 500 company, as a new client and develops strategic injury prevention, exercise and wellness solutions specific to their needs.
April 2016
BIOKINETIX adds ADM (Archer, Daniels, Midland), a Fortune 500 food processing company, as a new client and brings exercise, ergonomics and education services to their Chicagoland facilities.
March 2016
BIOKINETIX adds COATS Group, the world's leading thread manufacturer, as a new client and implements the flagship 3-Minute Warm-Up Program at their most help needed facility.
August 2015
As thought leaders in workplace injury prevention, safety and well-being solutions, the Institute of Health & Human Performance launched BIOKINETIX™ to better reflect the strength of their programs and services and as the premiere name in protecting profitability and employee well-being through the Science of More UpTime™.
January 2015
Initiated comprehensive injury prevention, safety and well-being projects with EcoLab, NALCO and Piper Aircraft.
October 2014
Initiated first out of state project with UPS (Brooklyn). Expanded programs with UPS across Northeast Region.
March 2011
Received an exclusive STIR Contract with ComEd/Exelon. Initiated services with West and South Regions.
November 2009
Initiated first project with ComEd/Exelon at Chicago North (Underground and Overhead Departments).
February 2008
Initiated first project with UPS at University Center, Jeff Street in Chicago.
January 2007
Partnered with ATI (Pro Physical Therapy) to help PEPCO reduce injuries.
June 2006
Developed Fine Motor Skills program, Seated Ergonomic and Strengthening Program, Upper Body Strengthening Program, Low Back and Leg Injury Prevention Program, and Standing Ergonomic and Strengthening Program.
March 2006
Secured first TIFWorks contract for International leather manufacturer, Horween.
September 2005
Developed Injury Prevention and Performance Enhancement Program for Fastpitch Softball with National Championship Fastpitch Coach Gerry Mauro.
April 2005
Partnered with DCI and Rosemont Cavaliers to develop a Marching Music Performance Enhancement and Injury Prevention Strength and Conditioning Program.
September 2004
Developed Injury Prevention Program for Musicians and partnered with Janet Horvath, author of Playing (less) Hurt: An Injury Prevention Guide for Musicians.
July 2004
Developed "The Science of More UpTime" including the 90 Second Warm-Up™, WOW Reset Program and the Reset Glove Program.
January 2004
Founded as the Institute of Health & Human Performance by Kinesiotherapist, Jon Kabance.