PTSD Project


BIOKINETIX has developed a comprehensive program to help U.S. War Veterans of all walks of life combat the debilitating effects of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
Project basis:
  • Statistics show that 1.5 veterans take their own life every single day in America, and that rate is climbing year after year.​
  • The VA estimates there are nearly 400,000 untreated cases of PTSD
  • PTSD has become an epidemic among our veterans of the armed services.​
  • Health and wellness is at the center of the PTSD controversy.

BIOKINETIX can help reduce and potentially eliminate the effects and tragedies associated with PTSD. We work to ensure as many veterans as possible have access to tools, resources, and services that allows them to live healthy, productive lives.

​Through collaboration with Vietnam veteran Gary Werner, BIOKINETIX developed the WOW PTSD Program specifically designed to address this problem. The program is currently being deployed at various U.S. Veteran’s associations around the country. Thousands of veterans are benefiting from the WOW PTSD  program and with additional support, we intend to expand the program moving forward.

For more information about BIOKINETIX’s WOW PTSD Project please contact us.