Warm-Up and Exercise Programs

Workplace Warm-Up Programs have evolved from stretching the body to warming up the body.

BIOKINETIX brings the latest in sports medicine to your workplace, driving incredible results in injury prevention as well as encouraging employees to pursue healthy lifestyles and prioritize well-being. Our sustainable exercise and Warm-Up programs are supported by in-depth training that emphasizes methodology and practical application for employees, management, and occupational health & safety leaders.


3-Minute Warm-Up Program

Occupational exercise programs have evolved to replace stretching with warming up—the most effective way to prepare the body to withstand all job tasks.

  • Total body preparation using proprietary resistance tools
  • Customized to job tasks
  • Facilitates an atmosphere of teamwork and collaboration
  • Combines theory with practical application
  • Designed to be time-efficient and easily incorporated into daily routine

Dynamic Warm-up Program

A highly accessible, versatile program that helps prepare the body both in the workplace and outside of it.

  • A self-contained approach to total body preparation
  • Designed to be performed anywhere without tools or equipment
  • Task-specific moves that prepare the body for work
  • Integrates seamlessly into employee’s daily routine

Strength & Conditioning Programs

Powerful, efficient strength and conditioning programs that focus on using resistance to strengthen muscles, tendons, ligaments, and bones.

  • Builds soft-tissue resilience
  • Protects the bones and joints during movement or under impact
  • Helps hold the body in proper alignment
  • Prepares ligaments for shock absorption and enhances flexibility 
  • Helps prevent slips, trips and falls, knee and back injuries, and rotator cuff injuries 

Body Resetting Programs

Resetting the body is the most effective way for employees to counteract the effects of repetitive stress, which often result from performing physically demanding job-tasks.

  • Strengthens opposite muscle groups
  • Lengthens tight muscles
  • Improves posture, dexterity, and range of motion
  • Brings balance and symmetry to the body
  • Prevents repetitive stress injuries

Exercise Classes

Incorporates the key elements of BIOKINETIX programs into customizable classes designed to improve employee well-being.

  • A variety of topics including yoga and relaxation, general fitness, and the aging workforce 
  • Designed to be held in any work environment
  • Provides value to employees who lack time or access to gym membership
  • Can be performed in short time intervals 






To speak to a specialist about BIOKINETIX’s Warm-Up Programs, please contact us.