Training and Workplace Safety Education

BIOKINETIX Training & Workplace Safety Education Services

Focused on timely, research-driven information, BIOKINETIX training and education programs are customized to fit your operational demands and provide employees with practical expertise in nutrition, safety, well-being, stress management, weight loss and exercise.




WALK OFF WITH ONE Education Program

BIOKINETIXS’ exclusive educational programs cover wellness and ergonomic topics, and are tailored to meet specific company needs.

  • Materials are produced through research and evidence-based information
  • Utilizes visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning techniques 
  • Helps employees better retain and utilize information by focusing on one subject at a time
  • Practical, ongoing education that empowers employees to strive towards a healthy lifestyle

Classes & Lunch-N-Learns

Enrich your employees’ workday while maximizing time with presentations that incorporate key elements from our WALK OFF WITH ONE programs.

  • Enhances refresher courses and new-hire training 
  • Time-sensitive and easily adaptable to schedule
  • Topics include Protecting Knees, Back, and Shoulders and Your Body, Your Workspace

Educational Videos

BIOKINETIX’s educational videos serve as engaging, mobile learning for the modern workforce.

  • Provides concise, informative, and relevant information in just a few minutes
  • Watch anywhere. Mobile optimized.
  • Topics cover WALK OFF WITH ONE Ergonomics, Safety Techniques and Health & Wellness

On-site Posters & Signage

Customized education and awareness materials serve as an encouraging reminder for employees to practice safe and healthy behavior within the workplace.

  • Visual guides to address the risks of specific job tasks
  • Tailored to high-risk activities
  • Series of posters based on certain themes
  • Available in large and small format 







To speak to a specialist about BIOKINETIX’s Health and Wellness Education Programs, please contact us.

The BIOKINETIX program was a welcomed change by the crew from the old stretching program we had in place. The new warm up routine that the BIOKINETIX team put in place has gotten great reviews from my crew. The BIOKINETIX team is very professional and knowledgeable about their field. There is a BIOKINETIX trainer on site two nights a week to observe the crew and give advice to my employees. I recommend this program, not only to my fellow managers at US FOODS but, to other industry leaders as well.

Jeremy Hart, PM Manager - US Foods

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