Training and Workplace Safety Education

BIOKINETIX Training & Workplace Safety Education Services

Focused on timely, research-driven information, BIOKINETIX training and education programs are customized to fit your operational demands and provide employees with practical expertise in nutrition, safety, well-being, stress management, weight loss and exercise.




WALK OFF WITH ONE Education Program

BIOKINETIXS’ exclusive educational programs cover wellness and ergonomic topics, and are tailored to meet specific company needs.

  • Materials are produced through research and evidence-based information
  • Utilizes visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning techniques 
  • Helps employees better retain and utilize information by focusing on one subject at a time
  • Practical, ongoing education that empowers employees to strive towards a healthy lifestyle

Classes & Lunch-N-Learns

Enrich your employees’ workday while maximizing time with presentations that incorporate key elements from our WALK OFF WITH ONE programs.

  • Enhances refresher courses and new-hire training 
  • Time-sensitive and easily adaptable to schedule
  • Topics include Protecting Knees, Back, and Shoulders and Your Body, Your Workspace

Educational Videos

BIOKINETIX’s educational videos serve as engaging, mobile learning for the modern workforce.

  • Provides concise, informative, and relevant information in just a few minutes
  • Watch anywhere. Mobile optimized.
  • Topics cover WALK OFF WITH ONE Ergonomics, Safety Techniques and Health & Wellness

On-site Posters & Signage

Customized education and awareness materials serve as an encouraging reminder for employees to practice safe and healthy behavior within the workplace.

  • Visual guides to address the risks of specific job tasks
  • Tailored to high-risk activities
  • Series of posters based on certain themes
  • Available in large and small format 







To speak to a specialist about BIOKINETIX’s Health and Wellness Education Programs, please contact us.