Strategic Services

Corporate Warm Up Exercise Programs Wellness

Warm-Up and Exercise Programs

Workplace Warm-Up Programs have evolved from stretching the body to warming up the body. BIOKINETIX brings the latest in sports medicine to your workplace, driving incredible results in injury prevention…

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occupational on-site medical services

Early Intervention

BIOKINETIX Early Intervention BIOKINETIX develops, employs, manages and maintains strategic early intervention programs designed specifically for your company. We provide your employees with functional, preventative medical support informed by high-quality clinical research…

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Industrial Office Ergonomics BIOKINETIX


The BIOKINETIX “3E Process – Ergonomics”. By analyzing the specific job functions that are performed by employees, ergonomic evaluations provide innovative, effective solutions for at-risk behaviors. BIOKINETIX works within your current…

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Wellness Training Education BIOKINETIX

Training and Workplace Safety Education

BIOKINETIX Training & Workplace Safety Education Services Focused on timely, research-driven information, BIOKINETIX training and education programs are customized to fit your operational demands and provide employees with practical expertise…

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