Prepare and protect your workforce each day with The Warm-Up Difference

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Did you know recent studies now show static stretching before work can actually cause injury?

BIOKINETIX has advocated warming-up the body, instead of
stretching it, for more than a decade. Why?

Stretching is a passive action.
Warming-up is 100% active.

Warming-up the body engages your muscles in movement, stimulating a cascade process that properly prepares the body for physical activity.

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Developed using the science of sports medicine, our exercise programs are redefining injury prevention.

The 3-Minute Warm-Up and Dynamic Warm-Up programs consist of powerful, multi-faceted procedures that are time efficient and designed to fit within your employees’ daily routine.

What warming-up provides that stretching does not:

• Increases blood circulation

• Enhances psychological preparedness

• Primes somatic nerve system

• Increases Lymphatic circulation

• Warms muscles

• Dilates lungs

• Increases cellular metabolism

• Signals the sympathetic nervous

• Increases Synovial fluid production

• Loosens tendons and ligaments

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