Welcome to The Science of More UpTime.

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 What is the Science of More UpTime?

Pioneered by BIOKINETIX, The Science of More UpTime is the study of combining sports medicine-derived science with ergonomics to drive superior results in reducing injuries in the workplace.


Supported by over a decade of success, this formula is proven to significantly lower frequency rates and costs associated to musculoskeletal workplace injuries and LT (Lost Time).




How it works

BIOKINETIX programs are supported by science and research in Sports Medicine, Kinesiology and Ergonomics …

… and are developed with a strategic methodology designed to sustain results in protecting employees from musculoskeletal injury on a daily basis.

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Preventative approach

The Science of More UpTime and the 3E Process are focused entirely on prevention and uses Engineering, Ergonomics and Exercise to reduce and prevent costly injuries in any workplace.

Help improve the overall well-being of your employees

Our programs are proven to drive incredible results in giving employees more UpTime not only at work but also in their personal lives.

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What to expect

 A passionate, highly experienced team of medically licensed injury prevention specialists and program developers


A well-informed, healthier, safer workforce with less injuries and workers’ compensation claims, long-term


A strong return on investment through increased productivity and profitability for your business