Learning Effects

Learning Effects ProjectEffects of exercise on learning

Project basis:
Using BIOKINETIX’s “90-second WOW Warm-Up Program,” the Learning Effects Project focused on two cause and effect studies:
  1.  The effects of low-impact exercise on 4th grade school children in relation to their mental acuity and overall attention
  2.  Gauge children’s interest in the 90-second warmup program as a means to be less sedentary

The projects focused on both a child’s cognition and mental acuity and were evaluated by way of (a) contemporary cognitive theory development directed toward physical exercise, (b) BIOKINETIX’s research demonstrating the salutary effects of exercise on a worker’s cognitive abilities.

While the research is still being conducted, early data from this project suggests that body warm-up exercises may enhance those aspects of children’s mental functioning central to their cognitive development.

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