Reduce workplace injuries 3E process

The 3E Process by BIOKINETIX

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The 3E Process begins with BIOKINETIXS’ Medical Ergonomists determining if injury risk factors can be completely eliminated by re-engineering equipment, machinery or a manufacturing line. 

If “engineering-out” risk of injuries is impractical or too costly then we move to Ergonomics



Our Medical Ergonomists can reduce or even eliminate risks of bodily injury and repetitive stress by putting the body into proper positions while tasks are performed.

If job tasks require employees to work in awkward, high-risk positions and/or when proper ergonomics cannot be used, we shift to Exercise

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BIOKINETIX provides modern, thorough, job-specific body preparation using the sports-science derived, 3-Minute Warm-Up Program.


Exercise programs include:


Daily Warm-Up Program

Body Resetting Program

Strength & Conditioning