Early Intervention

BIOKINETIX Early Intervention

BIOKINETIX develops, employs, manages and maintains strategic early intervention programs designed specifically for your company. We provide your employees with functional, preventative medical support informed by high-quality clinical research and industry-specific best practices.


Personal Programs

BIOKINETIX provides on-site programs administered by licensed medical staff that are personalized to mitigate at-risk behavior and address the needs of each employee.

  • Early Intervention: Shifts focus from treatment of injuries to the prevention of them by evaluating employees 1-on-1. Performed on-site in their workplace setting.
  • Light Duty: Mitigation when on restrictions, preventing lost time
  • Return to Work: Licensed Rehabilitation staff leverages knowledge and experience of specific jobs and builds a functional transition program for the employee. Includes ongoing monitoring of the individual
  • Well-being: Wellness and fitness related programs

Functional Job Assessments

In-depth assessment programs are used to comprehensively evaluate the capacity of new employees to perform certain tasks required of physically demanding jobs, along with offering customized education to further employee performance throughout their career.

  • Modeled after real-life job tasks the employee would be performing
  • Personalized suggestions for employees regarding strength & conditioning, balance, coordination, nutrition and wellness
  • Administered by BIOKINETIX staff with expertise in specific work demands
  • Assessments are performed post-hire, but before employees begin work in a particular field.






To speak to a specialist about BIOKINETIX On-Site Medical Support, please contact us.